Is this tour wheelchair, limited mobility or stroller friendly?

Unfortunately no. We are located in a historic neighborhood and therefore ramps and elevators are uncommon and many flights of steps are necessary. Some guests who are able to have had friends carry their chairs up and down and have enjoyed the tour this way. We are willing to accommodate by slowing the tour pace and even help carry if this is something you would like to do. We recommend parents try baby-wearing devices for very small children. 

Is this an underground history tour? 

Nope! While some of our tours do show sections of Pioneer Square's underground it is not the primary focus of our tour. If you would like to see the more of the historic underground areas we suggest our sister tour Beneath The Streets

I bought my tickets through a third party how do I book? 

Please read ALL of the information on this page and fill out the form. Remember voucher reservations must be made 48 hours in advance, are only good for the Original Pioneer Square Ghost Tour which runs at 6:00pm and are subject to availability.  They are limited to one per party and are invalid for Fridays and Saturdays in October. These tickets are great if you have flexibility and live in the area. If you are only in Seattle for a short time, need a specific date, or have a large party we recommend buying tickets directly through us. 

Do you have storage for luggage or strollers?

Unfortunately no, we are in a small office with limited staff and its difficult for us to store large items. Anything you leave behind in the office is at your own risk.

Is this tour family friendly?

The Pioneer Square Ghost Tours are all ages events, however, if your child is afraid of the dark or sensitive to scary stories this event may not be for them. We recommend children be at least age 6. Ghost Hunts are also all ages but because they can be slightly more intense the recommended age is twelve and above or a maturity level around that age. The recommended age for the How To Murder Tour is also twelve due to graphic images. The Haunted Pub Tour is for adults age 21 and older, no exceptions can be made per Federal Law.

What is the refund policy? 

No refunds. No exceptions. Cancellations received at least 2 hours prior to scheduled tour time are eligible for reschedule. Cancellations received less than two hours before tour time can reschedule at our discretion (usually for traffic, parking, and weather related reasons we can verify). The best way to cancel is to send a quick email or text message, we use the time stamp to determine the 2-hour policy, phone calls close to check in time are often missed so this ensures we see it. 

What is the difference between a tour and a hunt? 

A tour is a walking excursion where we take you to various haunted locations, talk about the history, deaths that occurred and present evidence from past investigations of each place. In contrast during a hunt, you remain in one location, are given a short class on how to do your own investigation and are then turned loose to try and collect your own evidence. 

Can I book a private tour? 

Absolutely! Visit our private tour page and please email for more information and someone will walk you through the process. 

We also offer event space rental for spooky weddings, birthdays, and more! Check out the event space gallery.

Why doesn't the Haunted Pub tour start at your headquarters? 

Pub tours are more fun when they start in a pub! It's a great way to get yourself a drink and get psyched for the tour! This tour meets inside J&M Cafe (201 1st Ave S - corner of 1st & Washington) your tour guide will have a list of names who have purchased tickets to help check you in. This does mean that tickets cannot be sold on site, but don't fret! Headquarters is just a couple of blocks away you can come purchase in person tickets before heading to the J&M (however you need to do so at least 1/2 hour in advance)! 

Can I make a reservation over the phone? 

It's possible but discouraged. Email or online reservations are much faster as we have auto responses set up to tell you the current dates of sold out tours, basic info such as the address, and links to helpful pages on the website. Being a ghost tour we work odd hours and therefore are not in the shop to answer the phone during typical business hours. We do, however, answer email from home quite often. The other advantage to an email booking is that we can send you back a confirmation that can make the check-in process smoother, answer many questions, and in the rare event of a booking mistake you can catch it and have us fix it before its too late! 

When will I get my confirmation? 

Confirmations are sent by hand and are answered in the order they are received during office hours. Tickets booked directly through our website are automatically saved spaces. If you bought your ticket through a third party seller spaces are held in a first come first served fashion using the time stamp on the email. For these tickets a 48-hour minimum reservation is required however emailing as soon is possible is the best bet for getting your most desired date and time. 

I would love to become more serious about ghost hunting can you help?

Yes! We work with a local paranormal investigation team: The Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle-Tacoma (AGHOST). You can reach out to them here: